Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last blog March 7th how is that possible....

Can't believe I haven't posted since March 7th.  Well, here I am again!  Aren't you all lucky.  I haven't weighed in awhile but I have been in the hospital with another stroke!!  Now I have terrible double vision and a dragging foot--oh well a lot of good things did come out of my visit though!  Sounds funny doesn't it.  But I got to witness and I feel good about it.
Everyone please read Marcy Burke's post!  The tail of the squirrel will never be forgotten and she will have that image in her brain forever!
I am still on my journey and it has been hard.  I am addicted though to almonds and have been eating them for snacks with other things.  Been watching my grand daughter because she has been sick but now I think she has given it to me.
I'll write more later but right now I am going to take a nap!
Love to all!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Can you believe this........

SNOW AGAIN...I think Elmira is in the new snow belt!!!  I am so sick of it!
Well, after having a disappointing weigh in last week and then ending back on steroids--I just want to get rid of this crude!!  It seems to be hanging on to everyone though and all I know is that the pharmaceutical companies are making a great deal of money with all these antibiotics being percsribed!
I have been watching my food intake, the stuff I take in and following my journey all along the way.  I haven't even had a tootsie roll.  I did have two jelly belly jelly beans (popcorn flavor) yesterday.
I want to leave this point of wisdom with everyone:
Me and You is friends
You smile, I smile...
You Hurt, I hurt...
You cry, I cry...
You jump off a bridge
I gonna miss your E-Mails.
Love to all!