Monday, January 31, 2011

weigh in

Don't know if I am going to be able to weigh in today-Carolyn has a sick child and I have to be with Joe in Bath by 1 and since he can't drive it is such a pain.  I feel like I have lost though and people are commenting on it.
Did confess that I had half a donut on Saturday while we were waiting for the Angel Food truck but I did pay for it afterwards!  Lots of people are talking about Fawn's upcoming visit to our snowbound town and I certainly can not wait!
Well, we are getting ready to go to Bath to the VA and just thought I would shoot a little blog out.
Love to all!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

waiting patiently...

Been at church since 7:30 and now find out distribution isn't going to be till 1:30 this afternoon for Angel Food. That is okay though it has given me a lot of time for reflecting on things.
Joe is still driving me nuts but maybe he can go back to work on Tuesday.
Went out to dinner with family last night to Lin Buffet and only had crab legs--lots of them.  Do you know how hard it is to eat crab legs with NO BUTTER!
You know I am reminded of something Keith Drury once ended his letters with--Keep On Keeping On, and that is what we have to do in this journey-Keep On Keeping ON!
Love to all!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The weather outside is frightful....

But here it is delightful!!  Yeah right!  What a struggle these past two days have been!  I have wanted to eat everything in the house and haven't!!  When I walk-walked to church and back home again-I hurt all over, but it is improving little by little.  I just saw an ad for Zumba and the beginning steps look like I could do it--YEAH RIGHT!!  They move like nothing I have seen before!
Getting ready to see Fawn on during the time she is here.  If it wasn't for her I don't think I would be where I am and Carolyn has been a great mentor.
Still no takes for Joe so I guess I will keep him around!
Going to have my snack of rice cake and peanut butter.  Oh yeah, I shopped at Aldis's today and bought some good looking Talapia.  Can't wait to cook it!!
Love to all!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

again I am here...

The view of the world is the following-Diverse, Dispersed, Dynamic, Determined and Devoted.  That is how I feel sometimes.  Diverse because there is no one else like me--thank God.  Dispersed because I am a creator of many things but a master at none.  Dynamic because I am me! Determined because I am determined for this journey to be successful and Devoted because a friend is a friend no matter how much they make you mad1
In this journey, I have learned a lot of things especially about myself.  I am a complicated piece of machinery.  I have a brain, honest I have pictures, a heart, have pictures of that too.  I am made of bones, tissues, blood and a forgiving nature.  I love to eat!  but I am learning to eat better.
I have had no takers for Joe but tomorrow we go to the doctors and maybe he will let him go back to work soon.  He is still available for all who want him though.
Love to all!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

one more down

Well, here I am-one more pound down!  Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could snap your fingers, like Dorothy did with her red shoes, and we could finish our journey that quick.   I am taking this as a learning experience on how to eat better and getting longevity out of life!
If someone wants a husband, I have one for sale-no give away!  Since he can't work until we see the cardio man-HE IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!  I have never cooked so much food and so many baked goods in a long time.  Tried to get him out to walk and nope he stays in his pajamas all day and won't do a thing!  Lord give me patience!
Had 3 out of 4 grandchildren last night and cooked spaghetti and meatballs. One wouldn't eat it because it was whole wheat pasta.  His lost!
I am leaving everyone with this thought--Everything is possible with His help!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1.5 pounds....

Well, weighed in on Monday and I had gained 1.5 pounds in two weeks!  Been through a lot in those two weeks though.  Been in hospital with another stroke and was released on Tuesday, the 11th, and on Friday my husband was admitted for a silent heart attack!  So we entered 2011 with a BANG!!!
On this journey I have learned a lot about myself!  One thing is when I eat something I haven't eaten in a while it has a real bad affect on me!  I feel guilty.  When I had weighed in this week I almost ate a tootsie roll(my downfall-they are so good) but I talked myself out of it and had a rice cake with peanut butter and banana.  I do crave a lot of things I used to eat but I am not going to eat them.
As I have said before, When you are going through some bad things, you find out who your true friends are, and I have!  If it wasn't the support that I have gotten from friends, I honestly do not think I would of gotten this far.  So what if I have gained 1.5 pounds, next week I might lose 2 pounds or the 1.5 that I gained.  I know who is guiding me through this!
Love to all and one day I will figure out how to look at other blogs!  When you get my age you know the technical mind is the first to go!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

sitting here in my nightfown....

Here I am sitting here in my nightgown getting ready to start my day.  Got up at 4-couldn't sleep anymore.  It has been a rough two weeks but I will get through it.
My journey has taken quite a hit.  I ended up in the hospital and try staying on your journey with their food--I think I did pretty good.  Yesterday my husband was admitted for a heart attack, so again it is back to hospital food.  Even though Pastor Larry said I was a cheap date-$.69 for a salad.
I want to thank everyone for their words of encouragement.  Well it is now 6:40am and I have to get a shower and get ready to go do angel food, hospital visit, Christmas with my family, hospital visit and maybe a Harlem Wizard game.  Depends on Joe.
Love to all!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Hi everyone this is Carolyn.  I'm one of Dawns fellow journey people.  I want to let you know she won't be blogging for a bit.  She has some other medical problems that she needs to handle at this time.  She is hospitalized but in good spirits. 

We ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 

During this time - I've seen and talked with her and she's concerned about praying for the rest of us,  she wants to help us meet our needs, and concerned about not having "nonfat" cottage cheese at the hospital.  Therefor  her family is going to try to and bring in some of her food for her.    That's the type of person Dawn is always caring for others besides herself.  Always bringing us some humor.  Loved by people of all age.  Especially kids.  She has many "adopted" kids and grand kids.  If you know her, you should be excited knowing your part of such a great person. 

I will update as soon as we know more, and soon she will be back updating!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Hate Physical Therapy...

I really do!  Every time I go I end up crying and want a Strawberry Banana Smoothie from McDonald's.  But of course I don't go there.  The wind is biting out there today but I went for a walk, not far but I did walk.
I have been experimenting with some things and I thought I would share.  Hate dry tuna fish--take a little non fat cottage cheese, extra virgin olive oil and Mrs. Dash, mix it in the blender and viola a little mayo to go with the dry tuna.  I personally like real mayo, but while on this journey that's my new mayo.  You could probably add some hot sauce for a little bit.  Tonight I am going to try using non fat cottage cheese to make a weird macaroni and cheese.  (COMFORT FOOD)
My thought for today is "When you are going through some bad things, you find out who your true friends are!"
Love to everyone!!!
Hey, this has been three days in a row that I have posted--a world record for me!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wait for it..Wait for it...

Okay, weigh in was yesterday and I lost 4.5 pounds!!!!!  I celebrated the lose with a mini tootsie roll-just one.  It felt so good to get to 210.5  now can't wait to get to 209.   Baby steps!
My computer keeps acting up so I think I might have to have the Geek patrol come in and see what they can do.
Has anyone else seen Miss Plastic's Silicone (Suzanne Sommers) commercial.  How degrading to women over 40.  Each and everyone was made differently, so we all lose weight differently.  Why do we need pills to run our lives!
Love to all.  I am going to try to get on some other peoples' posts and maybe I can comment!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

here I am again...don't faint!

Here I am again two days in a row.  Received a compliment today by someone asked me if I have lost weight.  Told them that it was just rearranged on my body.  Tomorrow will be the tell tale day---WEIGH IN!
Why do we dread that day?  Been asking myself that question for a couple of days.  We follow our journey and we shouldn't dread it, but we do.  I always look at Carolyn's face because I am afraid to look (I'm also on the scale backwards and despite what my kids say I do not have eyes in the back of my head).  Carolyn has been my inspiration-she is looking good and she didn't even follow the Sexyforever.com program.  That commercial still irks me!
Well, I'll be back tomorrow with either bad or good news, either way it is all good!
Love to everyone!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

One more time...

If I see that Suzanne Sommers commercial for "Sexy forever", I am literally going to puke.  She who is made up of  plastics and implants promoting something for women over 50 to loose weight.  She looks like a mechanical Barbie.
Oh well, maybe one day!  Had my first high blood sugar last night of 441.  I was suffering from intense pain though in my neck and shoulders.  Woke up this morning with a 116 so there were no lasting effects from the pain.
Today has been a laid back day.  We received some things for Christmas that we returned and just watch the "Rose Parade".  My favorite float was all of them.
This journey is taking me on a trip that I can not believe.  I love the food but there sometimes seems a lot of it.  I just put it away for later.  I have so much energy but today my husband will not walk with me!  He thinks because it is Jan. 1st that he has to take everything Christmasy down.  I would leave it up all year if it was me!
Everyone enjoy the day!!!