Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas is over....

Now that the Christmas season is over, we need to remember to stick with our journey's.  Even though I stuck like made I didn't lose or gain and stayed the same.  I also weighed in in different clothing which were heavier than usual, so maybe I did lose. Christmas season is a hard time to be on a journey.

My diabetes though has been under control and I haven't had a spike in ages.  I have gone low a couple of times but no highs!

I am also down a size in clothing.  I think everything has shifted to my feet but my shoe size is the same.

As Fawn puts it a New Year a New You!  Can't wait till that happens, even though it has already started!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reason I am doing this....

In all of our lives bad things just happen to walk into it and this has been one of those weeks!  I have though stuck to my journey because I want to change.

My husband has not been able to keep things down now since Monday.  Today he has been sleeping a lot.  He is getting sick just from the smell of things cooking.  I had hummus and veggies for a snack and he thought that I was eating seafood and you guessed it-he ran to the bathroom!

Money seems to be a challenge also.  I think as adults we wish that it grew on trees and could get everything our children and grandchildren wanted, but we don't have endless pockets.  They forget what Christmas is all about and the stores don't help by commercializing it so much.  Don't get me started on our government or I won't stop!

On Monday when I was supposed to weigh in, I was sick in bed with aches, headache and you name it I had it.  I am still trying to get over that.  I also went to see the surgeon regarding my hernia, boy what great news I got.  The hernia is too large to be operated on.  It extends from the bottom of my rib cage to the top of my hip bone, about 1/2 way across my stomach area and 1/2 across my back.  IT IS HUGE!  The doctor said he could operate but my left side would not be able to move, it would be like a board put in there.  My quality of life would be zippo and I could lose my life also!.. It would be a dangerous surgery!

Well, sorry for all the bad news but the good news is that I am doing my journey and I am looking forward to my first goal  to loose 15 more pounds.  Christmas is a hard time to be on a journey but I know that all of us will prevail and make it to our goals!
To everyone a Merry Christmas and look for ward to the new year!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

another party

All of these parties are starting to get me down.  All the food today it is lasagna, salaDs
, Italian bread and tons of soda and deserts.  I will journey forward THOUGH.  i AM GOING TO BLOG MORE LATER.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sister in law invite to dinner...

Well, my sister in law just called and has invited Joe and I to go out to dinner with them at their expense.  So a challenge arises.  Before when they took us out I did fine (they love a local Chinese buffet) I just had crab legs, fresh shrimp and salad.  Oops, forgot the Chinese tea!  I like this place but there are a lot of temptations.
Tomorrow is the trip to Rochester to see the surgeon for my head.  I do know that I have a brain I have pictures of it.  Hopefully he will say that I do not need surgery.  I don't have that many brain cells left as it is!!!
Well, off I go to dinner.  I'll let everybody know how I do.  Joe will be my spy!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am back....

What a terrible week I have had, even though I lost another 1/2 pound.  Found out I am drinking too much milk.  The weather here in Elmira has been frigid and I just can't seem to get my walks in.  I would become a Jack Frost.
Been partying but watching what I eat.  Under the guidance of Fawn I am getting there.  Last night we had a local board party at Pastor Larry's and Marcy's and I got to eat lots of (1 slice) of roast beef, lots of fruit and about a teaspoon of coleslaw.  My cup of green tea and water were of an excellent vintage!
I have found with my journey that I rely on others to help me along.  When I had my lap band surgery in 2007 I received no nutritional help and wasn't really told how to eat.  Then the stupid thing gets all twisted and I can have it fixed now if I want too.  But first I have to have a hernia repaired.  I had a little scare that they thought the pain was from Pancreatic Cancer but all it is is a stupid HERNIA!
Friday I am scheduled to see the neurosurgeon in Rochester but it might be a no go if the weather continues the way it has.  Tuesday I see the surgeon for my hernia--yuck!!
Well, I am going to get ready for bed--oh wait a minute I forgot to tell everyone that I am having the best blood sugar control I have ever had thanks to my journey.  I give lots of praises for that.  Insulin makes you gain weight and I am hardly putting any into my body.  Maybe this old lady will journey all the way and maybe wear a bikini some day--NO WAY!  I would need duct tape to hold up all my extra skin.  So I am signing off as a changed woman and having a great time on this journey.  I will blog again tomorrow if I haven't frozen to my bed.  (we don't heat our upstairs!)

Friday, December 10, 2010

better late than never......

Well, I was going to post last night but came home and went right to bed.  Had a Christmas gathering last night at the parsonage and I ended up eating real well.  Carolyn brought Chili (I still say that God had a sense of humor when he created beans) and a pasta salad that was to die for.  There were plenty of other fruits and vegetables.
I do have a confession to make--On Tuesday night when we were taking orders for Angel Food, Pastor Larry brought over gingerbread cookies--no icing-- and I ate one, just one.  They hardly have any sugar in them and boy was it good.
This journey has taught me a lot about myself.  Sure I have tons of health problems but maybe this journey, not maybe I know, will help aleve some of them and help me get better.  I am learning how to control myself when it comes to food and how to help myself and my husband to better eating.  Let's face it we are a generation of fast food and we want it right then and not have to wait.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could snap our fingers and it would happen.  That is why I am glad I am on this journey!
Christmas is coming and a lot more parties are going to be happening but I am learning to say NO and I can eat a peanut butter sandwich if I have too.  Everybody keep on keeping on the journey!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weigh in....ugh!!!!

Had a weigh in yesterday and only lost 1/2 a pound--but that is all right I feel better except right now I am on the downside of a migraine.
There is so much food to eat and water to drink that sometimes I honestly do not know if I can get through it.  I eat what I can and either saved the rest for snack or for the next meal.
Remember when I said Let it snow..I wish it was snowing and then it wouldn't be so bitter cold out.  Went for my walk this morning and nearly froze my booty off!  It is only 24 out.
Made chili last night for supper and as I told Carolyn, God must of have  a sense of humor to create BEANS!!  They are disgusting even though I love hummus!
Going to a party on Thursday night (Wesleyan Women) and I need a healthy dish to pass so if anyone has a recipe for something healthy--pass it on.  Have another party next Tuesday and then one of Saturday night.  So pass them on everybody!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday dinner isn't like it used to be.....

Well, Sunday is here and cooking Sunday dinner just isn't like it used to be.  I remember cooking a roast, smashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, a salad, yorkshire pudding, gravy the whole nine yards.  Now it is a protein, 2 veggies and a carb but so what if I am feeling better!  (I think Joe is too!)
Joe sang today and it was great--he has been fighting a cold.  Wish I had the guts to stand up there and sing--just let me talk and I will be alright!
Made brownies for the packages tonight and didn't lick the bowl.  They sure did smell good though.  Well, Joe has Cantata practice and I have to go and type out some labels for the packages-I am out of ink.  Thank you to all for your encouraging words and once I figure out how to do it I hope I can be encouraging to you.  Love and Blesses--Keep on keeping on!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cookies galore.....

I have been baking up a storm today for the soldier boxes that we send out and I haven't eaten one cookie or licked my fingers!!!!  I am so happy that I resisted!!  Can't wait though to get them out of the house.  My granddaughter decorated them with tons of frosting.  Got company I will finish later.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wendy's and eating there.....

Went To Wendy's last night with my husband and had a side salad no dressing and a water.  Boy did it feel good to order that and not want their wings.  I am getting control over my cravings and loving it.
Have a couple of things that I am stressing about but I am dealing with them.  Hopefully and with the grace one of them will be taken care of.  Getting in my walks and exercising with the wii.
I never thought that a journey like this could be exciting but when you see what is being accomplished by YOU it is exciting!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the weather outside is frightful...

I guess that is what we get for living in New York..this morning wake up and it is 50 degrees out and raining and by noon it is 34 degrees out and it is snowing..
Yesterday and today have been struggles but I have kept to my journey and I am really looking forward to my weigh in on Monday.  When I was walking in the rain this morning, I got refreshed in my heart and loved the walk.  It was very invigorating.  Tonight Joe and I are going to walk the Mall maybe twice!
If you haven't guessed by now I am not that much of a computer person and really don't like the computer but I will post hopefully every day or at least every other day.  Have to get ready for my walk--see you all soon!