Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am back....

What a terrible week I have had, even though I lost another 1/2 pound.  Found out I am drinking too much milk.  The weather here in Elmira has been frigid and I just can't seem to get my walks in.  I would become a Jack Frost.
Been partying but watching what I eat.  Under the guidance of Fawn I am getting there.  Last night we had a local board party at Pastor Larry's and Marcy's and I got to eat lots of (1 slice) of roast beef, lots of fruit and about a teaspoon of coleslaw.  My cup of green tea and water were of an excellent vintage!
I have found with my journey that I rely on others to help me along.  When I had my lap band surgery in 2007 I received no nutritional help and wasn't really told how to eat.  Then the stupid thing gets all twisted and I can have it fixed now if I want too.  But first I have to have a hernia repaired.  I had a little scare that they thought the pain was from Pancreatic Cancer but all it is is a stupid HERNIA!
Friday I am scheduled to see the neurosurgeon in Rochester but it might be a no go if the weather continues the way it has.  Tuesday I see the surgeon for my hernia--yuck!!
Well, I am going to get ready for bed--oh wait a minute I forgot to tell everyone that I am having the best blood sugar control I have ever had thanks to my journey.  I give lots of praises for that.  Insulin makes you gain weight and I am hardly putting any into my body.  Maybe this old lady will journey all the way and maybe wear a bikini some day--NO WAY!  I would need duct tape to hold up all my extra skin.  So I am signing off as a changed woman and having a great time on this journey.  I will blog again tomorrow if I haven't frozen to my bed.  (we don't heat our upstairs!)


  1. You are walking with a spring to your step--it is VERY noticeable. Get the stupid hernia taken care of. Sorry about that--but SO MUCH better than the alternative.

  2. If you loose it slowly, like you are, and continue to eat healthily, your body will not have extra flaps of skin. Dave has lost 100 pounds and has none. So...the bakini is not out of the question!!!