Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sister in law invite to dinner...

Well, my sister in law just called and has invited Joe and I to go out to dinner with them at their expense.  So a challenge arises.  Before when they took us out I did fine (they love a local Chinese buffet) I just had crab legs, fresh shrimp and salad.  Oops, forgot the Chinese tea!  I like this place but there are a lot of temptations.
Tomorrow is the trip to Rochester to see the surgeon for my head.  I do know that I have a brain I have pictures of it.  Hopefully he will say that I do not need surgery.  I don't have that many brain cells left as it is!!!
Well, off I go to dinner.  I'll let everybody know how I do.  Joe will be my spy!!


  1. you know how to eat you will do fine! So proud of you!

  2. Anxious to hear how the dinner went as well as the trip to Rochester. See you tomorrow?