Meet Dawn!

I am a 57 year old woman who has been married for 36 years to my husband Joe.  We have 2 great adult children who are married and have great spouses.  They have each blessed us with 2 grandchildren-Jordan, 13, Carson, 9, Saige, 6, and RJ who is 3.  We also have "extra" children William and Lissa, who have 2 children Grace, 2 almost 3, and Will, Jr. 4 months. Also, Stacey and BJ who have twin daughters, Alana and Mys age 7 and a bun in the oven.
In the past I have had Lap Band surgery which did not work.  I am also a brittle diabetic on an insulin pump and taking 100 units of insulin a day.  I have also had 7 strokes due to a clot and my diabetes.
I am starting this journey because I need to change my lifestyle.  I have to use a walker to keep my balance and I want to get rid of it, the pump and any other no use pills.  I want to keep up with my grandchildren and see them all get married and have children that act like them.