Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weigh in....ugh!!!!

Had a weigh in yesterday and only lost 1/2 a pound--but that is all right I feel better except right now I am on the downside of a migraine.
There is so much food to eat and water to drink that sometimes I honestly do not know if I can get through it.  I eat what I can and either saved the rest for snack or for the next meal.
Remember when I said Let it snow..I wish it was snowing and then it wouldn't be so bitter cold out.  Went for my walk this morning and nearly froze my booty off!  It is only 24 out.
Made chili last night for supper and as I told Carolyn, God must of have  a sense of humor to create BEANS!!  They are disgusting even though I love hummus!
Going to a party on Thursday night (Wesleyan Women) and I need a healthy dish to pass so if anyone has a recipe for something healthy--pass it on.  Have another party next Tuesday and then one of Saturday night.  So pass them on everybody!!!!


  1. Sugar free jello mix
    1 cup fat free cottage cheese
    1/2 plastic tub of Low fat cool whip (sugar free if you can find it)

    Mix together and you have an awesome desert. Can do it with red jello in middle and green around outside for Christmas colors

  2. Don't look at the weight loss...look at how your body is changing and how much more energy you have. That is what is important...the weight will eventually come off! Just be patient!

  3. You are losing weight in December--that is an AMAZING feat. And it's not just weight. It's how you feel, what you're putting into your body. You're doing it and setting the example. Am proud of you friend!