Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reason I am doing this....

In all of our lives bad things just happen to walk into it and this has been one of those weeks!  I have though stuck to my journey because I want to change.

My husband has not been able to keep things down now since Monday.  Today he has been sleeping a lot.  He is getting sick just from the smell of things cooking.  I had hummus and veggies for a snack and he thought that I was eating seafood and you guessed it-he ran to the bathroom!

Money seems to be a challenge also.  I think as adults we wish that it grew on trees and could get everything our children and grandchildren wanted, but we don't have endless pockets.  They forget what Christmas is all about and the stores don't help by commercializing it so much.  Don't get me started on our government or I won't stop!

On Monday when I was supposed to weigh in, I was sick in bed with aches, headache and you name it I had it.  I am still trying to get over that.  I also went to see the surgeon regarding my hernia, boy what great news I got.  The hernia is too large to be operated on.  It extends from the bottom of my rib cage to the top of my hip bone, about 1/2 way across my stomach area and 1/2 across my back.  IT IS HUGE!  The doctor said he could operate but my left side would not be able to move, it would be like a board put in there.  My quality of life would be zippo and I could lose my life also!.. It would be a dangerous surgery!

Well, sorry for all the bad news but the good news is that I am doing my journey and I am looking forward to my first goal  to loose 15 more pounds.  Christmas is a hard time to be on a journey but I know that all of us will prevail and make it to our goals!
To everyone a Merry Christmas and look for ward to the new year!!


  1. I always believe if satan is working that hard to descourage you then you are just steps away from doing something awesome. You can do it!! Praying for you!!!

  2. Let's believe for some miracles in 2011. I believe God wants to do something "unbelievable." Love you Dawn.

  3. Just thinking over the short time I have known you both and I am a blessed man. Keep looking up to the Lord for His strength, but keep your eyes on each step you take! Love to Dawn and Joe