Friday, December 10, 2010

better late than never......

Well, I was going to post last night but came home and went right to bed.  Had a Christmas gathering last night at the parsonage and I ended up eating real well.  Carolyn brought Chili (I still say that God had a sense of humor when he created beans) and a pasta salad that was to die for.  There were plenty of other fruits and vegetables.
I do have a confession to make--On Tuesday night when we were taking orders for Angel Food, Pastor Larry brought over gingerbread cookies--no icing-- and I ate one, just one.  They hardly have any sugar in them and boy was it good.
This journey has taught me a lot about myself.  Sure I have tons of health problems but maybe this journey, not maybe I know, will help aleve some of them and help me get better.  I am learning how to control myself when it comes to food and how to help myself and my husband to better eating.  Let's face it we are a generation of fast food and we want it right then and not have to wait.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could snap our fingers and it would happen.  That is why I am glad I am on this journey!
Christmas is coming and a lot more parties are going to be happening but I am learning to say NO and I can eat a peanut butter sandwich if I have too.  Everybody keep on keeping on the journey!!!


  1. Dawn...so proud of you!!! Don't worry about a cookie here and there...it's about moderation and doing your best! I love you!

  2. You did exceptionally well last night--and I didn't help being in charge of the desserts and all. You showed TREMENDOUS will power. I am more than proud of you--I am double and triple proud! p.s. Meant to show you the ornament on my tree. I love it!

  3. You did wonderful! So proud of you! Who cares if you eat a cookie now or then....its the 20 others that you would have normally eaten that I am so proud of you for!!!(at least that is how many I would have normally had!) You are learning and that is the wonderful part of the journey! You are going to do great! At Sunday School they had all kinds of sweets this morning. Dave and I were not even tempted!!! Normally we would have a plate full each! It is a process! But it is worth it in the end.