Sunday, January 2, 2011

here I am again...don't faint!

Here I am again two days in a row.  Received a compliment today by someone asked me if I have lost weight.  Told them that it was just rearranged on my body.  Tomorrow will be the tell tale day---WEIGH IN!
Why do we dread that day?  Been asking myself that question for a couple of days.  We follow our journey and we shouldn't dread it, but we do.  I always look at Carolyn's face because I am afraid to look (I'm also on the scale backwards and despite what my kids say I do not have eyes in the back of my head).  Carolyn has been my inspiration-she is looking good and she didn't even follow the Sexyforever.com program.  That commercial still irks me!
Well, I'll be back tomorrow with either bad or good news, either way it is all good!
Love to everyone!


  1. I already know what the scales said even though you haven't posted it yet. Fawn texted me with lots of exclamation points. Love you dear friend. Keep on keeping on. You're doing it!

  2. : ) I"m so proud of you Dawn!!! Love ya lots and you always make me laugh!