Monday, April 4, 2011

Still alive......

Yes for all of those that were worried I am still alive.  It has been a rough couple of weeks but I am here.  I have double vision in one eye so it makes it kind of hard to type on a keyboard but I am trying.
I have not got weighed in such a long time because it seemed fruitless.  I have been on steroids for so long that it was making my blood sugars go hay wire (had some over 400, in face last night had one 422) that I have been pumping in insulin likemad.  Now I am done with them and I am ready to start my journey again in earnest.  I am not saying I haven't been on my journey, what I am saying that it didn't matter to me because of the steroids.  It seemed waste less.
So today is the beginning again and I really need to buy a new scale!!!  I guess I am probably at 450 pounds (ha ha) just joking.  I really do not know.
My husband and I are going to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for Easter.  The trip has been paid for about a year.  My in-laws (sister and brother) and us go every years so this is going to be a challenge to stay on the journey while we are there.  If anyone doesn't know it is Amish country and boy do they cook good!
Joe and I are doing the journey together.  He went to the heart specialist and he needs to loose some weight.  Boy this is going to be fun.
Well, my bladder is telling me I need to pay attention to it.
So love to all!


  1. Your sense of humor always comes through Dawn!

  2. You are so cute! If Dave and I can stay on our journey in Orlando Florida, then you can do it in Lancaster. Are you going to sight and sound...it is awesome. Be careful with the buffets...they are killers...choose carefully and plan before you go...but do have a ball...enjoy your hubby and familiy.
    so glad he is doing it with you.

  3. Definately dawn we can sit and do a menu together if you want!

  4. Dawn I haven't had the pleasure to meet you, but you have one great sense of humor! I love it!!