Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm back.....

Missed me?  I have missed everyone!  It has been a bad few months but I am back!  My life has seem to be spiraling down and I was wondering if I would ever get back again--I have and in the form of a watch!  Yes, a watch!!!
My mom had passed away at Easter time and I watched her suffer and told myself I wasn't going to end up that way.  Well, guess what--I started eating like a fool and I mean a big fool!  She had left some jewelry for the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and one of the items I received was a watch.  Now to look at this watch, the way it was, it was pretty but needed a good clean up.  I took it to the jewlwry store and they made it beautiful so I decided if that watch could be cleaned up so could I!  So, I am back.
Going on vacation next week and those cheese fries at Knoebel's are so tempting (maybe just one order and not seven) but I am going to be like that watch and get cleaned up and live my life to the fullest!
Thank you Carolyn and Fawn for not giving up on me!  I also had tests regarding my lap band and am just waiting for the surgeon to call!  During those test I found out my thyroid was under active and my pituitary gland in my brain (I have one) is over active so now on new med for that!
I am going to conquer this addiction to food! (bad food that is)
Love to all!


  1. Well, You are worth it. I'm always here for you. Always. Your a great person and you should be able to feel that way. You were much more energetic on "Plan" and I think you loved life and enjoyed life more. So even if the lbs don't come off - you are still eating nutricious food and providing yourself with "healthy" fuel. You can do this make it your life!!! Carolyn

  2. Just read your last couple of posts. Really enjoyed this one especially. Blessings!