Monday, November 29, 2010

Hope and encouragement

Went for an "official" weigh in at Carolyn's doctor and weighed in at 216 pounds and that is what my scale said when I started the journey.  So I am a little disappointed and just a little discouraged!
Yesterday went shopping for Christmas and I kinda had Wendy's boneless chicken wings and boy am I paying for it today.  My stomach is really churning and don't stand behind me you will get gassed away!!!
Right now I am making a very healthy turkey soup.  I have been stewing the carcass since noon and the meat has fallen right off.  I am going to add fresh cauliflower, fresh broccoli and whole wheat rotini.  I have added some Mrs. Dash to the broth and this house smells like Thanksgiving all over again.
My journey has been hit with some u turns and wrong turns (the wings) but you learn from your mistakes.  I do know this that my blood sugars have been fantastic and taking in less insulin (which is a growth hormone).  My walking is getting better--still with a walker or cane--but getting better.
I am glad that I started this journey and looking forward to hitting my first goal!


  1. True progress is healthy living right? You are going to get off of insulin and say goodbye to that walker! Your scale is broken so it doesn't count! Go with how you are feeling...I see progress and I see hope : ) Love you Dawn

  2. You see more energetic when I see you Dawn. I agree with fawn--you living healthier. And by the way--I got hungry reading your blog just now :-) Love you friend.