Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kinda of Lost!!!

Haven't been on in a couple of days because it has been pure hectic!  Lost a step-aunt to suicide (suffered from severe depression).  I do know that she is not hurting anymore.  Depression is a serious disease and no one should be afraid to ask for help plus we must be willing to guide them to the help they need.  Okay, no more soap boxing!  I have been going through the detoxing of my body--so it is a little hard to sit down sometimes.(you that have been through it know what I mean) (no laughing Fawn).  I am also learning a new way to cook and create things.  When I had the lap band surgery in 2007, it was liquids for weeks on end but you learn how to cheat!  This journey is so much better because I am not starving my self.  I have learned to eat more calories than I have ever eaten and I think I have lost at least one pound (one pound at a time.  Today at Angel Food, my youngest grandson laid his beautiful eclair right in front of me-I ignored it.  I had a rice cake with hummus and blueberries plus water.  I am learning!!!

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  1. Yay!!! keep going! Let me know if you need anything.