Tuesday, February 22, 2011

8 degrees out...B-R-R-R-R-R

Okay, when I started my walk this morning it was 8 degrees out, when I got back it was a heat wave--12 degrees out.  I had to walk today because of the snowstorm yesterday and I wasn't able to!
Joe is slowly asking questions.   This morning he wanted to know what kind of nuts he could have with his apple for snack.  I told him it could either be peanut butter or almonds.  So I do not know what he will decide.  Hopefully, one of these days I can go grocery shopping with him and get him fully on the journey!
I am making chili today and those of you who know me real well, know I hate any kind of bean!  I did put beans in because Joe loves them but I made it with a new organic sauce that Carolyn found at a local grocery store, no salt added petite cut tomatoes and of course tons of spices.  I also used ground turkey--he won't know the difference.
I happen to have a thought this morning while taking my shower--oh you know what's coming--when the weather starts getting nice, it will be back to shaving legs all the time!  UGH!!!
Hey my blood sugars are back to normal after my stringent course of steroids.  I am stoked.
Well, I hope everyone is enjoying the weather where you are--I'm not!
Love to all!

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  1. hey lovely dawn!! : ) you can add other nuts to the mix!!! You really can have any kind...walnuts are great for you too! SOOO he can have others...also almond butter : ) Love you!!!!! Remember there are a lot of other things you can have..just couldn't list all of um!