Wednesday, February 2, 2011

found a solution

Today while taking my shower I think I have figured out how to loose at least 20 pounds at my next weigh-in--shave my legs.  Sounds gross doesn't it!  But if I shave them my socks will fall down!
Yesterday, Joe's first day back to work, I just lazed around the house, did wash but nothing else!  Can't walk because of the weather but I do not care tomorrow I am going out.
Cooking pork tonight with sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts--hope Joe likes it!
Not much to write nothing exciting going on--4 more days till Fawn gets in Elmira.  Wonder if she is going to weigh in with Carolyn and me.  I had better shave my legs then so I have lost something!
Love to all!!


  1. hmmm...now you got me thinking! maybe I should do that too!

  2. you're silly dawn : ) can't wait to see you!