Thursday, February 24, 2011


Okay, okay I get it--snow is necessary-but is the cold weather that is associated with it necessary.  Couldn't it be 65 !!!  I have had it.  This morning when I went for my walk I almost didn't because of the weather.
I have relented and I am letting Joe have a hot dog and roll for supper!  He has an appetite for his favorite food.  He called and said that it has been a horrible day at work and that his chest wasn't feeling right.  But he said he was okay.  Called my friend Ramona (who is also his doctor) and told her and she wanted him to come right over but Mr. Stubborn went on a delivery and I haven't talked to him since.  I have a feeling that we will have a guest tonight.
Last night's Bungaroo was very good.  I froze a lot-it makes servings for 12-but had some for lunch.  It does give you a little gas from the cabbage but just take Beano!!  It is an unusual soup/stew.  I will post it soon.  It is everything, at least, I can have!
Be right back!
Love to all!

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  1. I'm tired of winter too but you have to admit--it's really pretty out there! Love the Beano comment :-)