Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am beginning to HATE this weather....

I know that there is a reason for all this weather but -4 degrees in the morning and then 31 degrees in the afternoon, no wonder everyone is getting sick!!
Made "Bungaroo" for supper and I will share the recipe on Sunday with a few friends.  Joe loved it and had two bowlfuls and wanted me to pack a bowl for his lunch tomorrow.  I am really blown away that he liked it.
Today when I weighed in at my endocrinologist I was 3 more pounds lighter.  Isn't it amazing that 3 scales could have different readings!  Wait till Monday and I will see if any of them are right.
My blood sugars are back to normal-as normal as they can get.  But my insulin intake has been lowered and I am so glad for that.
Another snowstorm is headed our way and it is supposed to hit Friday--Better get a lot of walking done in by then.  Do have the wii but it looks kinda funny doing my exercises with the walker in front of the fitness pad in case I start to topple.
Cleaned cupboards out yesterday to help a needy family within our church.  Got rid of a lot of white rice, breaded chicken and frozen dinners!!!
Love to all!

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